Thursday, April 23, 2009

Winds of spring

This morning there was a stiff SSE breeze, in my face the first two legs of the run, which is desirable if there is going to be wind. On the downwind, return legs the push from behind is most welcome. A solitary thunderstorm cell was pushing across Dakota county, probably hitting Farmington and no threat to me. Nasty weather is forecast for the weekend; nasty for outdoor stuff like gardening, picnics and golf. For running, 50 is nifty as long as there aren't lightning storms or driving rain. I would hate to have to return to the treadmill, but I will if I must.
The average pace this week is the same as last: 9:21. My mind rebels at the slowness of this. Mentally I drift back 30 years to when I cruised morning runs at 7 minute pace or better. Well, you can't cheat the calendar, so I have to accept it. Besides, the slower pace is kinder on the reconstructed body parts, I keep reminding myself. Body weight is at 158, down from an all time high of 166 sustained last winter before being able to start. The goal over the next 10-12 months is to pare off 25 pounds and see what weighing 135 again will do for my speed. It ought to be nothing but good. That will depend upon my being able to dial up the mileage though, because I can't do it with caloric restriction alone. Just eat sensibly and let the running do the rest.

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