Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Return of the sun

Crisp patches of frost on some lawns today. An idiot was trying to drive with a one square foot area of clear glass on his windshield. Today was the first weekday 5 miler so I left before C did. Things went all right. My 9:21 average continues. I found my right leg trying to take over and chopped my stride to let the left keep up its share. I think one of my problems has been overcompensation by the right side, leading to occasional problems there. I'm trying to perform toe raises on the stairs to recruit more fibers in the right calf. It is deadly boring but the theory is sound.
Tomorrow back to 4 miles, then 5 again on Thursday. Frank Shorter: "There's no secret. You just get out there and do it every day."
C: "Why are you running 5 today?"
Me: "Because the schedule says so."

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