Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wait a minute

The weather has turned nasty since late last week. Saturday and Sunday it was back to tights and gloves in the face of forty degree temps. Today as I skipped the final mile raindrops fell faster and there was a lightning flash just after the garage door went up. I got in my five miles each day and next week the plan is to make the Tuesday and Thursday runs fivers as well. Nothing big time, but the volume is increasing. The annual Get in Gear race happened yesterday. I have skipped it more years than I can count because it has become too crowded to be back in the pack. I think the last time I ran it was 2000, when I paced my former friend Dawn Schneider. I had a run in with a big dumb ox who stepped on my shoes or something. I ran my all time best on the course (32:31) in 1981. I think my one mile split was just over five minutes. Hard to imagine running that fast. Of course, the winner of yesterday's London Marathon averaged 4:46 per mile, which happens to be my mile PR, indoor and outdoor, also from 1981. That really blows my mind.

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