Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've been here before. How many times, I've lost count. My weekly mileage has reached 30 miles a week and I'm running every day with minimal to no negative feedback from my moving parts. I no longer maintain a written running log, as in the old days of the 70s and 80s. I ran across some running blogs in my random surfing and asked myself: why not? I have my GPS chronometer to record the mileage down to the inch with heart rate graphs if I want to bother to wear the chest strap, but no diary to record weather, mental impressions and the like. I've been a runner for 33 years, more than half my life, and no matter how many times I've been laid low by orthopedic infirmities, the old urges still beckon me out on the roads.
I will let the back story come out in its on time, as if anyone will read these posts. But who knows? Anyway, having become a story teller in another realm, perhaps these diversion can help me practice my craft from a first person point of view.
This morning I ran an easy 4 miles, turning into a chill northwest wind for the return two legs of the loop. It was a day for tights and gloves and I'm hoping it will be one of the last. The forecast is for some highs in the 80s later in the week. That will be glorious.
I am entertaining thoughts of some non-competitive races later in the season, which is a violation of my original intent to do nothing but training this year and save the racing for the fall season after I turn 60 next year. But I enjoy the camaraderie of longer trail races and running them is an easier way to get in a longer run without hassling the logistics of hydration and traffic signals. I'll have to see about that. For now, the watchword is patience.

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