Friday, April 24, 2009

Juicy Air

The first truly warm morning of the spring, unless I missed a day when I was in California. The temperature on the Cliff Lake shopping mall thermometer was 63 degrees and there was real humidity. The weather people are predicting thunderstorms, then a drastic cooling off for the weekend. Good for running, bad for golf. Speaking of my other favorite sport, I played 14 holes at Valleywood last night with the strong south wind favoring an attempt to go for the par five fourth hole in two. The rest of my inconsistent round was forgotten as I stood on the tee. No suspense here: I had the distance correct with driver/four iron, but ended up just off to the left.
Back to running. Pace average today was 9:10 with a helping wind for the closing mile in 8:40. There was minimal complaining from the left achilles and today's BMI is 25.6. Goal BMI for the record: 21.8.

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