Monday, May 4, 2009


I reneged on my plan to run 6 on Sunday. I can't blame late night at work or partying; I just didn't have enough gumption. Plus, (here is the rationalization) I had golf planned for later and wanted my legs to be fresh. Whatever. Card me a zero, please.
Today, back to the usual 4, but run in reverse. Whether that allowed for better warm up or maybe my legs were fresh after the day off, or I am getting more fit, the end result was a 9:05 average, 15 seconds faster than usual. Tomorrow will do 5, expect warm enough temps over night for shorts and T shirt.
BMI is down to 25.2. Funny, the calculator estimates my ideal weight is 133. I look skeletal at that weight, though I'm much faster. It's the muscle mass in my legs, I think, that gives me the extra.

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